This is Downing Place






Downing Place is a strange and wondrous realm, filled with strange and wondrous miscellanea.  Some of the things you will see here richly deserve adjectives such as wondrous, marvelous, and fantastic.  Unfortunately, there are only a few such.  However, all are interesting and, at least, partly true.




Vista Journal This is yet another continuation of our travels.  From here on we are in our newest rig; a Winnebago Vista
Navion Journal This is a continuation of our travels.  From here on, however, we are in our new rig; an Itasca Navion.
Roadtrek Journal This is a photographic/travel journal describing our travels from 9/1/2003 to 4/1/2006.  
Howard's Place This place is just chock full of high class, sophisticated items such as an erudite treatise on the Woof-Woof and an interview with Congressman Fog.  The other items are less erudite but fantastically interesting none the less..
Marilee's Place This place contains things that are important to Marilee; things like family, low-fat recipes, and topics concerning our full-time RVing life style.  It is still under construction so all the items are not yet in place