John Dickenson State Park (Florida)


This park, particularly the campground, looked more like the Everglades than the Everglades did.  The campsites were large and secluded; much more so than any other campground we have seen in Florida.








Our campsite was no exception.  The only negative part to this park is that it is getting expensive.  Camping fees went up by almost 30 percent just a few days before we stopped here.






There were a lot of birds to be seen; some that were new to us. 

This Ibis didn't seem to be bothered by our proximity.













These two Osprey were not even interested enough to look at us as we passed by.










This raccoon walked right through our campsite.  He stopped but I took so long getting the camera that he got impatient and was leaving.








This was one of the nicer Florida state parks we have seen.