The East Coast

We travelled up the East Coast from Florida to the New York state line.  We found it to be crowded, very hot and humid, and, to us, not very interesting with one notable exception; my son Sean and granddaughter Kayla.  To be fair, however, I have to say that most of the locals we talked to loved it there and wouldn't live anywhere else.



The lovely young lady on the left is Emily; Sean's step-daughter.  The one in the middle is my son Sean, part-time engineer/programmer and part-time actor/singer.  The astonishingly beautiful little lady on the right is Kayla, my granddaughter.  I suppose that, technically, she is also Sean's daughter.


This is Kayla's Veronica Lake impression.  Can you believe it, she has never even heard of Veronica Lake.  And if you know who Veronica Lake is, you must be at least as old as I am.
Ice cream always brings on a smile from any kid.  I'm behind the camera but I am smiling too.  I also have ice cream.  I only spilled a little on the camera.
To fully enjoy ice cream, you must wear some of it.
Like most kids, she would rather do it herself; no matter how long it takes.
After ice cream, Kayla likes to meet new people.  She found a new boyfriend right away.  He was a little young for her, however, and was more interested in the goats.
I am not quite sure what was behind the expression on Kayla's face.  However, one thing is certain; no one could refuse her and no one did.