Beginning of the Beginning

The Afternoon of Thursday the 25th of September in the Year 2003

My last meeting has ended.  My last task as an employee of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems has been successfully executed.  Our old lifestyle has ended and our new one is about to begin.  The final preparations will take place in Texas. 

The adventure is nearly ready to start.

Here we are leaving General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems and heading south. The RV you see is our new home containing all that we own in this world and all that we want. The old lifestyle has ended and the new one is about to begin. There are only a few preparations left.

Within two hours we had left Minnesota and were on our way to Texas where the final preparations will take place. There are a couple of intermediate stops to be make before arriving in Texas. There is family to say goodbye to in Kansas City and Osage Beach.


Nothing particularly noteworthy occurred in KC except for two interesting signs we ran across.

The first was in Peculiar, Missouri.



Apparently the citizens of the town resemble the name but are friendly.




The second sign was in Harrisonville, Missouri.

This was obviously posted by someone very proud of his town but not so enthusiastic about the town newspaper.





The next stop was to visit with Marilee’s brother who lives in Osage Beach, Mo. Dick has a fantastic house on a cliff overlooking Lake of the Ozarks. This is the view from his deck.






With our usual luck with weather, it started to rain and turned cold. When we heard that there may be frost in some areas the next night, we immediately said our goodbyes and headed south. The weather seemed to follow us until we crossed into Texas. By the time we got to Livingston, the sky was clear and the temperature was in the lower 80s.