Georgia's Grand Canyon

September 2009

It is actually named Providence Canyon but the tourist bureau bills it as a "Little Grand Canyon".  It is called "little", I suppose, because it is 150 feet deep as opposed to the Grand Canyon's 5000 foot depth.  It is located in Providence Canyon State Park in southern Georgia.  Its only real claim to fame is that it is definitely not something you would expect to see in the piney woods of Georgia.  If you want to visit this attraction, don't bother with the information center; there won't be anyone there.  The best view of the canyon is from behind the bathroom in the picnic area about a mile from the information center.  Here are some pictures:


By the way, you may also be fascinated by the fact that there is a Little Grand Canyon in Missouri and another in Pennsylvania.  I probably will not feature either of them in subsequent pages of this journal but feel free to check them out if you are so inclined.