Retirement is one of the most beautiful words in the English language.  It means that after 40 years of doing what someone else wants us to do we can now do what we want to do.  And what my lovely wife Marilee and I want to do is travel around this country and see those places we have only heard about or read about.  We have an RV to travel in.  And now we just need the time.

I could, of course, just quit my job and take off.  However, we wouldn't get very far before we ran out of money for gas and food.  Therefore, we have gone to Plan B; wait until I can draw my retirement pay.

 That time is getting closer.  But of course we are not "counting the days".  We're counting the SECONDS!!

Days Hrs Mins Secs

THE TIME HAS COME AND GONE!!!  We are now Retired and on the road.  The counter now shows the time since we started.  Check our journal to see where we have been so far.  Our Journal