Congressman Fog was recently interviewed by the Disassociated Press.  Unfortunately, the Congressman was suffering from laryngitis.   This condition was the result of the Congressman's speech on noise pollution delivered the previous night at the Institute for the Deaf.  Congressman Fog answered the questions with music.  The title of the song is the answer to the question.   Do you understand the Congressman's replies?

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Click on question to hear the reply

  1. 1. Congressman, what do you have to say about these misconduct charges? 
    2. Have there been many comments made? 
    3. Your chief supporter for re-election has been jailed on a felony charge.  Where does that put you? 
    4. A study has just been released proving that Congressmen have trouble dealing with new concepts.  How do you feel about this?
    5. Congressman, you have denied any connection with the underworld and said that you are getting a special investigator to look into the matter.  Who is this new investigator? 
    6. The records show that you have not attended the last ten sessions of Congress.   Don't you ever attend? 
    7. Isn't it true that you have only attended one meeting in the last two years? 
    8. You have often championed health foods and good nutrition.  What's that you are drinking? 
    9. After being accused of favoring the automobile industry, you said that you would no longer use a car.  How do you plan to get about? 
    10. You have been asked to negotiate with a gang of terrorists.  How does it look?


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