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Whether you intended to or not, you have found Howard Downing's Web Site

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eyes.gif (2860 bytes) You are most welcome to see what there is to see!!


eyes3.gif (640 bytes) Personal Profile - This kind of thing is expected.  You can ignore it if you like.

eyes3.gif (640 bytes)  Woof-Woof - This was my first effort.   It is based on that mythical being sometimes described as "The Woof-Woof that runs up the elephant's elbow when it 'rassles".

eyes3.gif (640 bytes) Interview with Congressman Fog - An interview with that most famous congressman where the answers to        the questions are in music.  You must guess the song titles.

eyes3.gif (640 bytes) A Trip Through the Panama Canal

eyes3.gif (640 bytes) Links to Old Time Radio Sites

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AUTHOR'S NOTE:  I am neither an artist nor a musician.  The animated gif and midi files used on this site I copied from archives on the Internet.  To the best of my knowledge these items were and are in the public domain.  If anyone visiting this site even thinks that one or more of these items may be proprietary, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.

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