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A Saga in However Many Parts I Can Think of


The Woof-Woof is a strange, mythical creature. No one knows what this creature looks like. Although there are several theories, no one who has seen a Woof-Woof has lived to tell the tale.(ed. note: There is an alternative belief that those who have seen a Woof-Woof were simply so unimpressed that they never bothered to tell the story.)


This is the only known picture of a Woof-Woof. Unfortunately it was taken by a Telephone Sanitizer during a tour of Carlsbad Cavern. The detail leaves a little to be desired. It is not clear whether the cave was dark or he forgot to remove the lens cap.


There have been several reports published over the years about Woof-Woofs (or should that be Woofs-Woof?):

Archaeological Study

FBI Report

Biological Study

Fan Clubs


Test Your Woof-Woof Knowledge


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